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Finding The Hope to Heal: A Site for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Poetry by Survivors

These are the creative expressions from survivors of sexual abuse. If you would like me to add your poerty please email me and I will be gladly to put it up on the website. If you would like to remain anonymous please let me know.

I Survived and I'm Alive
Yes, I might have been silent.
I might have been silent all those years.
All those years of torture
The torture that I survived.

Yes, I might be overwhelmed
Overwhelmed by all the mixed feelings.
The mixed feelings that have shown me who I am.
I am a SURVIVOR and guess what

Yes, I might have bad urges
Urges to cut that I fight
I fight and eventually overcome
I overcome cuz I am a SURVIVOR.
and yes you guessed it, I'm ALIVE!

No, you can't and won't break me.
You won't break me with your words and actions
Your words and actions won't stop me from growing stronger.
Growing Stronger by SURVIVING and yes by being ALIVE!!

If you don't like this idea.
The idea of me SURVIVING and being ALIVE,
Guess what, no you are wrong.
You my friend can go to HELL


Afraid of night times

Like a child waiting in the night
For warm hands and arms to wrap
Themselves around her loneiness:
To send herself in tears of sudden safety-
And of love.
I, am in the dark aloneness of self unloved.
Unanchored, abandoned. and denied,
Still summonwith the silent child cries
the ancient hope---
The old sure magicof wantedness.

The child still lives in me
With the eager hurt of inocence bewildered
And betrayed. Ah, thnat painful paradox.
To sence rescure,
And know there is none.
But driven by the old dreams, pale ans powerful,
Remembrances of soft dear touch of love,
I wait.

I wait. I always wait.
It is forgotten---that nameless need
The years have beaten from my wasted heart.
But like some unshaped primeval force,
It beckons, crowds my reality,
Blunts stiff reason.

I am grotesgue with helpless wanting,
Turning my mind inwards, backwards.
Dull, too, is the pain with young memories
That weaken and defy,
Submit then die.
I do not live;
I wait in such unhope.


Let Me Be Me
You say I'm brave
I say I'm scared
You say I'm strong
I say I'm weak
You say I'm powerful
I say I'm pitiful
You say I'm beautiful
I say I'm ugly
Think what you
want to think
see what you
want to see
say what you
want to say
hear what you
want to hear
believe what you
want to believe
and be what
you want to be
Let me think
what I want to think
see what I
want to see
say what I
want to say
hear what I
want to hear
believe what I
want to believe
Most of all
let me be ME

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