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Finding The Hope to Heal: A Site for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay. You can just call me Linds. I wanted to create a site for survivors all around the world. A site that will give survivors hope to heal. I know that it is not an easy journey for any of us. For each of us, our journey is different yet similar. I want to restore the happiness that was stolen from us.

A Little About Me
I am 19, a sophomore in college with a pscyhology major and social work minor. I am 1 of 9 adopted kids (and my mom wants to adopted another). My family is multi-cultural. Megan is from Korea, I am native american, Jala, Kelcye and Kyler are Aftican American, and Seth is bi-racial. My family lives on a farm you could say. We now have two goats, which I have nothing to do with *winks*, 2 dogs, Mandy and Morgan, 1 rabbit, Oreo, and 2 cats, Muffin and Lexi. We used to have a horse named Windwalker but he was mean so we gave him away.
My hobbies are dancing, listening to music, hanging with friends, playing sports, sleeping, writing, crocheting, and thats about it for now...

Contact info:
Instant messengers:
AIM: lindsayd 2004
Feel free to contact me anytime about anything. Please allow 2 days after you contact me for me to reply due to a busy college schedule.